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Arts in the New Forest get Major Boost

As the sun finally gets set to shine, and with even a timely visit by Her Majesty The Queen to the area for The New Forest Show thrown in, Hampshire’s abundant wealth of musical and artistic talent is to be placed fully in the spotlight with the eagerly awaited launch of parkCulture Magazine.

first issue out 18 August 2012

First issue out 18th August 2012 parkCulture Magazine

Quote startBy providing free tickets to a whole host of events including theatre, live music, museum and exhibition tickets, parkCulture Magazine will support the arts in the simplest and most effective way – ticket salesQuote end

Hampshire, UK (PRWEB UK) 19 July 2012

Magazine launches rarely make the news, but parkCulture – the first publication from Hampshire based independent publisher Cultura Press – looks set to change that, as by producing a magazine of interest for both local and visiting readers alike, Cultura Press have also pledged their profits from the venture to support their vision of ‘making the arts accessible to all’ – not to mention giving their own local economy a welcome boost to boot.

parkCulture Magazine showcases the diverse range of creative arts being produced in the New Forest, with contributions from the areas filmmakers, poets, artists, musicians, photographers, theatrical producers and writers. Published quarterly, the 100 page A4 printed glossy magazine’s initial purpose was simply to engage, inspire and encourage the participation of their readers in the arts locally, and to promote the New Forest’s live music and arts scene effectively.

But during the eight months incubating their idea, Rachael Muller and Terry ‘Blackjaz’ Muller, the team behind parkCulture Magazine, soon discovered that there was so much more that could be done and developed their own strategy for how they could achieve their vision of supporting a financially sustainable, thriving and importantly ‘accessible to all’ creative art industry in the area.

Editor of parkCulture Magazine, Rachael Muller explains, “We were very aware after talking to businesses in the area, music venues, gallery owners and the public in general, that local arts and music events are suffering massively due to the current economic climate.” In fact in the past six months alone, the New Forest has lost music venues, a radio station, and even the excellent work of Arts Council funded ArtSway has been severely restricted due to reduced funding. None of this, it appears, is down to a shortage of creativity in the New Forest. In fact the region is continually producing art, theatre and music of a quality that often deserves national, even international recognition. Yet what is happening in The New Forest, as is echoed across the country, is that there are far too many empty theatre seats. Live music, festivals and concerts are still going ahead, but with ever shrinking audiences.

“All over the New Forest we have come across countless excellent local art events and workshops. Often though, these can be so under promoted that people just don’t know they are happening.    But with parkCulture Magazine, along with it’s own 24seven-EVENTS guide we aim to change that!”

By providing free tickets to a whole host of events including theatre, live music, museums and exhibitions, parkCulture Magazine will support the arts in the simplest and most effective way – ticket sales. Cultura Press also understand that to take the family out to an event, however much you may want to, for many families even a three pound museum ticket is often a stretch too far on the weekly budget. “To make art truly accessible for all, not only must there be provision for nurturing creativity, but also for engaging audiences, truly effective promotion for what is on locally , and most importantly removal of financial barriers to engage people in the arts, at every level.”

And as you would expect from a publishing company that aims to remove these barriers, even their glossy new magazine ‘parkCulture’ is free! For more information on how you can get involved in the arts, details of how to get your free tickets to events and to stay informed of what is happening in the New Forest right now, visit us at parkCulture Magazine.

It’s all happening in the New Forest – so get Involved!

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28th July 2012