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New Justice Films Screening 30th January 2012 2-4pm

You are cordially invited to attend a special screening of the work of
David Gilliam 
New Justice Films
The Screening Room
Room 248
Weymouth House
Bournemouth University
Monday January 30, 2012
2-4:00 pm
RSVP – info@newjusticefilms.co.uk

  • Revitalising Yoga is on release as a DVD and is currently rated as one of the best fitness videos on Amazon.
  • The Mighty Len A TAPS showcase production shot at Yorkshire studios about a mentally disabled gentle giant who wins the lottery.
  • Travel Yoga 3D consists of two Apple Apps that use 3D animation to illustrate the use of Yoga
  • In the Plane and In the Car, based on movement created in the motion capture suite at Bournemouth University Office
  • Yoga 3D is a desk-top self help training programme that uses 3D animation to demonstrate how to use Yoga to overcome the negative effects of sitting for long periods of time at a workstation. Currently a DVD and eBook with an Adobe Air version soon to be released for computers and an App version for iPad.
  • A MediaBox-SWS funded film project that features the talents of a group of young people from Christchurch to produce stories around the theme of success. Released in cinema, on DVD, on mobiles and on the Internet.
  • Mylyfe.me is a web film demonstrating the potential of a proposed website to support the recovery of breast cancer survivors.
26th January 2012