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Managing Critical Incident Communications

WMG was asked to present on critical incident communications at the annual International Conference on Integral Security “EISCE 2014” in Quito, Ecuador.

ecu_911_0The strategic communications process is all about planning ahead of time, knowing what to consider in order to avert a negative situation and how to manage the media post an adverse story finding its way into the public domain.

When working with first responders and the public security sector in Ecuador, their challenges are slightly different to most countries in that a volcano could erupt at any time and without warning. Their communications challenges are all about awareness raising ahead of such an incident in order to reduce the impact on human life, as well as deploying effective communications so as to maintain public order once a disaster occurs. The presentation covered what to do before, during and after an event and whist natural disasters may not always be avoidable, public awareness of what to do during them is critical if lives are to be saved.

23rd November 2014