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Working on the agenda of social justice and creating fairer societies is important to us. We do this either by donating or by being at the vanguard of creating social interventions that make a significant difference to people’s quality of life and which alleviates suffering, hardship and abuse. 

An example of this is the development and implementation of the domestic abuse pilot across west Hampshire entitled CARA. Identifying that there was a need for an alternative solution at the earliest stage, partners were developed across the criminal justice sector including Hampshire Constabulary and the Crown Prosecution service to develop a process and intervention to support the victim and prevent further re-offending. The pilot is being assessed by Cambridge University and the intervention is being delivered by The Hampton Trust.

Charities supported in 2016:

This year we have made donations to the following charities

Community Support

We also like to play an active part in supporting community groups to achieve their goals by participating at board level to help them shape their direction of travel as well as to achieve to their goals.

Organisations supported in 2016: